Relationship Issues

shutterstock_402612430Whether romantic, platonic or familial, relationships don’t work for us if they feel unsafe or filled with conflict and unresolved issues.  Together, we can explore relationship difficulties and develop strategies to either improve the relationship, or to shift your responses so that difficult people no longer impact you.

Couples:  Being part of a couple can be complex.  How do you balance intimacy and autonomy?  How do you solve conflict and make progress, instead of remaining in an endless cycle of unresolved issues and feelings?  And how do you grow together instead of growing apart?   In addition, what happens in the face of infidelity, life transitions, and other major events that can occur?  I work with couples in all these areas and more:  strengthening already-positive relationships to enhance satisfaction, and supporting couples in times of crises.

Difficult Families of Origin:  Even as adults, we can feel the past effects of families that were rejecting, or unstable and unsafe in their care of us.  This can often leave us feeling unworthy or unloveable inside, and impact our relationships as adults. Working together, we can explore these relationships, and change the way that we think about them and about ourselves.  We can also shift our responses to these families and events, whether in the past or the present.